SMART: Design Patterns

The book is by the ‘Gang of Four’ so… Image from here.


I will understand each pattern presented in the book ‘Design Patterns’ so that they could be used in the context of my game development. This will make my project structure more robust and easier to build upon. I will do this by creating sample projects to illustrate each of them in action in simple console applications using C++. I will complete this in 2 of the 26 patterns per week and expect to have the goal completed in 13 weeks.


I will know that this is complete when I have example projects for each of the patterns covered in the book. This will be the measurable outcome.


This is achievable because I am already using some of these patterns without realising that they are design standards. A similar skill that I have learned is the concept of Object Oriented programming in general and the design patterns feel like a natural extension of that. The skill level that I intend to achieve is intermediate as I have already created complex projects in Unreal. One thing that may interfere with the achievement of this goal is that I may find unexpected complexity in areas of programming that I have not yet explored. Should that happen, I will conduct additional research or reach out to tutors for advice.


This is relevant because Unreal and Unity are both engines I wish to use and they both use an object oriented approach. Its also relevant because I have enough skill with Unreal to quickly create a complex project, but I need help to organise my thoughts and intentions in advance of that execution. I will need this skill in the future as I intend to become a professional game developer. This is the right time to pursue this goal as I require the skill immediately and would see an improvement in my projects very quickly.

Time bound

There is a lot of material to cover here and I would expect that this may take around 3 month’s to complete. I will aim to complete 1 example of 2 patterns each week until I have covered all 26 of them.

*Update – I have realised that I already own a book called Game Programming Patterns and I think that I would like to explore that book also. So, on my newly created Trello board (more on that later) I have also listed the patterns, or at least this authors explanation’s of them as to do items in the main SMART goal. I think that its appropriate and helpful to have some of the patterns explained from two authors and I feel that the game patterns book is going to present patterns that are more appropriate to what I want to learn about at the moment.

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