Battery Collector Completed!

I have completed my very first Unreal and C++ tutorial! I am very pleased with this simple game as it is a significant milestone for me and is the first fully functioning project that I have been able to put together. Now before anyone shouts ‘but it was just a tutorial, anyone with eyes and fingers could have done that!’. That’s true. They could have. But here’s the good part (for me at least). I understand it.

Im not scared of you, no, Im not.

Not much more than a little while ago, there would have been no way that I would have looked at something like this and thought, yeah, I see whats going on there. I didn’t know basic C++ so following Unreal ‘version’ of it was painful and not really possible. This problem came about mainly due to the learning curve that I would have had to experience while on the BA Top Up course. I could not learn about the Unreal editor, Blueprint (which even when using C++ needs to be understood and used) and then a mighty language like C++ over the top of all that. I just would not have been able to produce anything worth showing.

Since graduating from the course, I still felt that learning the code in C++ would be too much of a challenge and so I resigned myself to working in Blueprint only while carrying on the development of Serial Link. It was not really until I was experiencing the reality of thinking about what would happen if Serial Link did not work that I thought, oh dear, I still cant code in anything but a very specific tool for a very specific engine.

So, shortly before taking on this MA, I grabbed a course on Udemy that I have already covered here, and started the climb to coding stardom. Ok, that’s a touch over the top, but you know what I mean. I thought about Unreal and C++ together and thought that I would save myself a ton of headache’s if first, I got used to the C++ language on its own and then stepped into the fray with Epic, the makers of Unreal. I expected that I would be able to break into coding for Unreal once I understood a little bit more about the language itself and for the most part I’ve been right. I think that I am ready to start a C++ project in Unreal or, and this may be a better move, refactor some of the logic in Serial Link into C++ one small feature at a time. I would rather have something to show for it at the end that I could use professionally.

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