Serial Link Commit 17: 29th April 2019

Ahh, you little tiny Gore Piece you.

Some of these commit notes are from memory as I have found out that Git Desktop does not save the description that I created between launches of the program. Once the program is closed the information is lost. Very irritating! So, from now on I will work in Workflowy to take the notes that I need and just paste them into Git Desktop when I am ready to make a commit. Bah.

Macros are cool

This is my first macro. I dont mean the macros that you can set up in an actor that are a little like functions, only at compile time the nodes themselves are pasted in where ever the macro is used. No. I mean that this is the first macro that I have created that is part of a custom Macro Library. Yes, I feel very grown up right now. I know its simple but it turns out that this little guy is really useful. So, now I am looking out for logic that I an duplicating between blueprints, as thats really the issue to solve with this. I also finally know what a ‘wildcard’ is. Its anything. Simple. More specifically and as I understand it, a wildcard is used as a placeholder at time of creating the logic so that when the macro is used, it will determine the type of what has been passed to it and work with that. Perfect for an array operation like this as it does not matter what the array contains, only that it is an array.


  • Fixed the macro that was supposed to be fetching a random element from an array
  • Imported some new blood splatters for testing
  • Started to set up the gore profiles
  • Created Enum called Gore Profile Struct that contains a Name field and an array of will be – Gore Pieces. This should allow me to set up things like ‘HeadShot’ as a profile and then determine that eyes and brain gore should be included in the list of gore.
  • Created Gore Pieces Base that I will use to make children Gore Pieces. The functionality like audio on hit and spawning decals or drawing them from a pool will happen in here.
  • Created Gore Piece Eyeball just as a test really as I have not changed the model to an eye although I do have them. Its just to start building the Profile idea out.

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