SMART: Animation

I got this here.


I will learn enough about animating 3D Characters so that I can animation characters for the games that I make which will enable me to create much more specific and personalised content for my games. I will do this by first seeking advice on which application to learn, deciding on one, and then finding a beginner level tutorial series on one the learning platforms. I will also find something short that can inform me about the basics of the 12 principles of animation. I will complete this in 6 weeks


I will track my progress by progressing through the course I choose and the measurable outcome will be that I will be able to take some character from Unreal or a third party service, bring it into the software of choice, create animations for it, import those to Unreal and set them up there so that they can be used during the game.


This is achievable because I am already familiar with the concept of key frames and I can draw to a good standard. I also understand that using reference material for animating really would be the best place to start so that I can learn to make convincing movement. The skill level that I am looking for is beginner to intermediate as this is a skill that I would employ while prototyping and would not intend that my animation work would make its way into anything for production. I need to watch out for this taking too much time as the primary focus for me is still coding.


This goal is relevant to me because it improves my ability to make my games more interesting and would allow me to more clearly show the player what the mechanics do. I am the right person for this as I already understand form to the point where I can draw a little and I do not struggle to learn things of this nature. In the future I will need this skill if I want to be able to attract interest to something that I am working on. This is the right time for me to achieve this because I have time set aside for learning how to be a game developer and my life should only be getting busier over the next year.

Time bound

This goal should be complete within 6 weeks. I will achieve this by spending 5 hours per week on this goal.

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