Here we go again…

Yes, I am braced.

The course has resumed and that means just one thing. Fatigue. Actually it means a few other things too. It means that I get to learn more about the things that interest me, I get challenged and I get to experience the feeling of accomplishment when the marks come in. Sometimes. Lets get on then…

This module is all about creating an app or game in a collaborative team. This presents a host of opportunities and difficulties and time will tell how many of each we will face. I am generally optimistic and a good problem solver but I have had mixed experiences with academic team work in the past as have many of the cohort. I think, and hope, that at this level working together should be enjoyable and relatively friction free.

What I hope to give

If we get to the end of this project and I have supplied the team with the very best ideas I could, have worked hard to provide the best technical implementation I could and added value to team members where I could, then I will consider the project a success. I do believe that a person just sort of ‘knows’ that they did all that they could, and thats what I will be aiming for regardless of grade. I also want to make sure that the people in the team feel that they can approach me with whatever they need to discuss. I think that its a persons responsibility to make themselves approachable in this kind of context and be mindful of tone, body language and other forms of non verbal communication so that a trusting and open environment can be created. I will endeavour to give honest feedback in a constructive way and will not be rude or insincere in my behaviour toward the work, the team or myself.

What I hope to gain

That said, I don’t want a poor grade! That would not be desirable at all… But, I think I have found that chasing the grade to closely is a recipe for frustration. So, I am focused more on what I believe the course is trying to steer me toward. I think that is the cyclical analysis of my weaknesses, the recognition of where I am falling down, the creation of some plan to solve that issue and the completion of some reflective practice to assess the success of that plan and the practice that it prescribed. On a practical level I hope to learn about AR in Unreal and how to make and deploy Android mobile apps. I also hope to gain a better understanding and appreciation for what works and what does not with regard to working within a distributed team. There will be challenges there and I hope to learn from them

How I think I will record what happens

I have had a little think about how I may record the progress that I make and that the team makes while creating the app. I think that the major areas to cover will be:

Me: Am I operating as I should? Am I completing the tasks and work that I said I would and to the standard that I would be happy with?

Team: Are we operating as a competent, supportive and professional team that is ready to support the needs of the members and also call out poor behaviours and attitudes that are detrimental to the project.

Work: Are we progressing with the work individually and on the whole. This is where supporting services like version control and communication tools may be reported on I think.

Project: I have made this separate from ‘Work’. This may be a look at how the project is going forward overall. Is it going forward as we had planned? Have there been any problems, pivots and so on. Are we able to stick to the Sprint plan and so on.

Lets get to it…

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