Daily Stand-Up, 1st July

  • Done:
    • Caught up with all the Slack.
    • Rearranged google calendar to reflect the new routine and the Agile Team Meetings.
    • Requested admin permission for the slack work space for clean up.
    • Volunteered to do the videos on Hitfilm
    • Shared the Serial Link trailers with Sarra
    • Watched all the the week 5 material on Canvas and added a couple of things to my agenda for the meeting later today. I think that we may want to complete a full XD prototype before we get going with the Unity project, up for discussion.
    • Had idea about music that fades in based on location and proximity to target or Threat Level and so on.
    • Had Idea on reducing the progress toward the Clearance Level on Op failure. Would have to manage frustration though.
    • A Random event could also be a bluff in that the Handler could just say “stop … ” and then say that the coast is clear, move on.
    • Thought about the ways in which an Agent would be able to interact with the app
      • Screen
      • Voice
      • Headphone buttons
      • Change of location
      • Change of speed
      • Stopping / waiting
      • etc…
    • Meeting.
      • The new name is Agent.
      • Narrative is that you are a Sleeper and you are activated by the Handler so that you can work for the Agency (although we will want to think about what that is and what its called.) The narrative will be purposefully vague and contain just enough information so that the Op’s make sense and give an idea of what you are doing. There is just not the time to develop a full narrative and the structure that we are building will tell the guts of the story. The mechanism that we will use for this is that when the narrative would usually supply something specific we will have the Handler say that the information is classified or has been redacted for Clearance reasons.
    • Installed Unity
    • Installed MapBox in Unity
    • Started a course on Plural sight for onboarding with Unity
  • Doing
    • Carrying on with the Unity course
  • Blockers
    • Lack of knowledge with Unity, solving with course.

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