SMART: SOLID Principles

Yeah, I’m catching on that this is not the way… Image


I will learn about the SOLID programming principles so that I can write better software which will allow me to make better games and reusable components. I will do this by finding a beginner level course on a tutorial sight like Pluralsight and I will complete that course over the next 4 weeks.


I will track my progress by making sure that once I have understood one or more of the principles I will use it in the design of my own code and logic. I will also know that this is complete when I can explain each of the principles to someone else.


This is achievable because I have already created projects that are complex and show that I think in the right way. It could be argued that I have learned to create logic ‘the hard way’ and that the introduction of the combination or SOLID principles and design patterns will make writing code easier for me.


This goal is relevant because I am actively pursuing a career in software development, primarily in games and I need to deeply understand the foundation of good design principles so that I can write better products.

Time bound

In reality, the study and practice of something like this will last for quite a long time and should be present in a lot of my design thinking, but I can say that I will complete a course and have a rudimentary understanding that will be a good jumping off point within 4 weeks.

Update – I have found a course that looks like its just the thing I need and you can get to it from here, there and everywhere.

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